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ADD:509, No.306 A, Ningxia Road, Qingdao, China .
Mail:[email protected]
About us
Qingdao Wangbaoqiang Industry Co.,Ltd.(hereafter as:WBQ)based in Qingdao,Shandong,China,engaged in import and export business for rigging hardware,steel,solar and OEM since 1991. WBQ’s core business is to help clients to get business solution for sourcing high quality products with fair price in China. WBQ has own joint-venture factory to meet the market request: high quality,fair price and best lead time for delivery. WBQ’s product and service has been accepted by big name in the market at home and abroad,such as: Homedepot in USA for OEM tools,Aldi in Germany for gardening ground screw,KBC in Korea for rigging hardware,China Huaneng group and China Guodian Group for solar ground screw, Sinhan special steel group in korea for steel etc. WBQ team would like to welcome clients from home and abroad to work together for better business solution aiming for the target as:making business more fun!
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